The city of San Carlos de Bariloche is located at 700 mrs on the sea level, on the southern bank of the lake Nahuel Huapi, in the province of Rio Negro, in the Argentine Patagonia.

Mr. Carlos Wiederholk, of german descent was the first man who settled in the site where the city stands today. In 1895 he opened a small business for the exportation of goods to Port Montt (Chile).

On May 3rd, 1902, the Colony of Nahuel Huapi was founded by national decree and this settlement was recognized as a "town". The name comes from the mapuche word "Vuriloche", meaning "People beyond the mountains".

During the first years , this town did not grow much due to the fact that it was far away from big cities and it was very difficult to get to it.

Bariloche started to grow significantly in 1935 when Mr. Exequiel Bustillo, director of National Parks, developed a series of constructions such as the Civic Centre, the Cathedral, the lakefront avenue, the Hotel Llao Llao, the ski resort Cerro Catedral , the access routes to the city. These undertakings turned the city into one of the most popular tourist attractions of the Patagonia.

Salta Nº 528
San Carlos de Bariloche
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